Important Issues

Round Rock has a long history of being included on nationwide lists for best places to live, safest cities, fastest growing communities, best bargains, and many more. The qualities that make our city great are the same things that bring residents to Round Rock and they’re the same things that keep each of us here – living, working, and raising our families. My campaign is about doing my part to help keep Round Rock the incredible place it is today while we continue to build on our strong foundation as we create a place for our kids to live, work, and raise their families twenty years from now.


The City of Round Rock’s Fire and Police Departments are regular recipients of awards and recognition for their work. This was most recently seen in 2017 when Round Rock was named the 5th Safest City in America.  The long list of accolades comes from committed police officers and firefighters, strong leadership, and well planned use … Continue reading Safety


Round Rock is a great place to live, work, go to school, and play. A strong network of streets and roads are a key element in keeping Round Rock one of the best places to raise a family. The ability to safely and reliably get to work or school will be a foundation we can … Continue reading Transportation

Low Property Tax Rate

Residents of Round Rock continue to enjoy one of the lowest property tax rates in the region. Quality economic development programs and a focus on continuing to broaden the sales tax base provide a solid fiscal foundation for our city. The Sports Capital of Texas and the city’s strong focus on retail growth continue to … Continue reading Low Property Tax Rate

A Family-Focused Environment

Round Rock is home to professional baseball, a world class system of parks and trails, and outstanding schools. If the need arises, Round Rock residents can choose from one of three hospitals. Your kids have the opportunity to get an associate degree, a four year degree, or go to medical school all right here in … Continue reading A Family-Focused Environment